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Italy to give maximum support to its citizens in China vows minister

29 gennaio 2020 | 16.54
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The government will ensure it gives all possible help to Italian citizens in China, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio tweeted on Wednesday as the deadly new coronavirus continues to spread.

"Italy's government is committed to giving the maximum support to our compatriots in China," Di Maio tweeted.

"Tomorrow a flight will be leaving to repatriate Italians from Wuhan," the tweet added.

The flight is being organised by the Italian foreign ministry's crisis unit, in close coordination with the defence and health ministries and Italy's National Institute for Infectious Diseases 'Lazzaro Spallanzani', according to a foreign ministry statement.

Specialist medical personnel, nurses and medical equipment will be on board the direct flight to Wuhan to ensure the Italians are transported back to Italy "safely", the statement said.

The previously unknown, pneumonia-like virus has killed at least 132 people, infected thousands in China since mid-December and cases have been confirmed in 18 places outside China.

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