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Italy to give UNDP €400,000 for Ethiopian electoral process

03 giugno 2021 | 13.33
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Photo by Aida Muluneh for The Washington Post.

The Italian government has agreed to make a 400,000 euro grant to the United Nations Development Project to bolster democracy and the electoral process in Ethiopia, where national polls are slated for 21 June.

"The main and common goal is to contribute to the transparency and inclusiveness of the electoral process in Ethiopia by reinforcing the capacities of NEBE (National Electoral Board of Ethiopia)," Italy's embassy said in a statement on Thursday.

The NEBE is tasked with organizing Ethiopia's upcoming general elections on 21 June, the statement noted.

"The ultimate aim of the Italian support to UNDP’s project is to contribute to the strengthening of the Ethiopian democratic institutions," the statement said.

The Italian grant will help UNDP implement its 'Supporting Elections for Ethiopia Democracy Strengthening - SEEDS' project under the accord signed by envoy Arturo Luzzi and UNDP resident representative Turhan Saleh, said the statement.

The foreign ministry will channel the funds to UNDP with coordination by the Italian government's overseas cooperation department (AICS)'s office in Addis Ababa, according to the statement.

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