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Italy to host radicalisation conference in May

18 marzo 2019 | 13.42
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Photo: Adnkronos/Cristiano Camera

Italy will hold an "unprecedented" counter-terrorism conference in Rome in May on radicalisation that will be attended by representatives from the world's top intelligence agencies, populist premier Giuseppe Conte said on Monday.

"Following many months of work, we are ready to implement an effective and unprecedented initiative - an international conference in May in Rome on radicalisation, which will be attended by leading intelligence agencies," Conte stated.

"The aim of the event will be to boost the exchange of 'modus operandi' and best practices," Conte added.

He was speaking at the inauguration of Italy's School for Information and Security's academic year.

"It is clear what makes citizens very apprehensive about the phenomenon and makes them it is an imminent threat is its fast-moving, invisible, camouflaged and far-reaching nature," Conte said.

He urged national security investigators to analyse sensitive information "with the utmost impartiality" and "using the most sophisticated techniques," he said.

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