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Lunedì 15 Agosto 2022
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Italy to keep seeking peace in Ukraine

04 luglio 2022 | 22.41
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Italy will keep up the quest for a diplomatic solution to the 131-day-old war in Ukraine and is undeterred by Russia's president Vladimir Putin's lack of interest in peace, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday.

"We will keep championing the search for peace and will keep taking forward all our diplomatic action," Di Maio told Italy's Rete4 TV channel's 'Zona bianca' show.

"It takes a desire for peace on both sides and Russian army's latest actions show that Putin doesn't want peace," Di Maio added.

"But we mustn't give up," the minister underlined.

His remarks came as Putin ordered his defence minister to continue the offensive in Ukraine after Russia captured the city of Lysychansk and Ukrainian forces moved to take up new defensive positions in the east of the country.

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