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Lunedì 01 Marzo 2021
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Italy to open consulate in UK city of Manchester

03 febbraio 2021 | 19.33
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Central Manchester
Rome, 3 Feb. (AKI)

Foreign undersecretary Ricardo Merlo on Wednesday held talks with Matteo Corradini, who has been appointed Italy's first consul in Britain's northern city of Manchester, the ministry tweeted.

"Under-secretary Merlo receives the future consul in Manchester: the new consulate will soon be open," read the tweet.

"Despite Italy's current political crisis, we continue to work tirelessly for our citizens around the world. Soon, once we have secured premises for its offices, our compatriots in Manchester will have a consulate in their area, where they can go for all matters without having to travel to London," said Merlo.

"In the era of Brexit and the (Coronavirus) pandemic, which is hitting the UK hard, we need to be even closer to our citizens who are living there," Merlo added.

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