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Sabato 19 Giugno 2021
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Italy to open embassy in Mali next year

17 dicembre 2020 | 23.43
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Italy will open an embassy in Mali near year followed by a diplomatic mission in Chad in a sign of the increasing strategic importance to Italian foreign policy of the Sahel region, deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re tweeted on Thursday.

"Given the increasingly strategic priority the Sahel has acquired in our foreign policy, our presence in the region will be further strengthened by the next opening of an Embassy in Mali, in 2021, which will be followed by a diplomatic mission in Chad. More will come I hope," read the tweet.

In recent years, Italy has "significantly increased its institutional footprint in Africa," Del Re underlined in a separate tweet.

"We opened new embassies in Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso. We have been the first EU Member State to establish a Permanent Representative to the African Union," the tweet added.

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