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Sabato 27 Novembre 2021
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Italy urges EU to act on migrants in the Mediterranean

12 novembre 2021 | 23.50
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Photo for The Washington Post by Lorenzo Tugnoli

The European Union must take action on the "continuous" migrant boat crossings from Libya, Italy's prime minister Mario Draghi said on Friday after a high-level summit on the war-ravaged country.

"The continuous migrant landings in Italy make the situation unsustainable," Draghi said at a closing press conference in Paris, where he and other world leaders attended the summit.

"The EU must find a solution and we must invest more in Libya to help it create more humane conditions," Draghi went on.

Draghi said he agreed with interim prime minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibeh that Libya is "a transit country" for migrants and urged respect for their human rights.

"We all agree on the importance of upholding human rights. The situation must be tackled together," Draghi said.

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