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Sabato 12 Giugno 2021
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Italy urges Ukraine, Russia to implement Minsk peace accords

10 giugno 2021 | 20.40
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Photo for The Washington Post by Sergiy Morgunov

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday called on Ukraine and Russia to "make every possible effort" to apply the Minsk accords intended to bring peace to the war-torn Donbas region.

"We believe that all sides must make every possible effort to implement the Minsk accords within the negotiating framework which we continue to fully support - the Normandy Format and the Trilateral Contact Group under the aegis of OSCE - to achieve a sustainable solution," said Di Maio.

Di Maio was speaking in Kiev after talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba.

"Italy is constantly aiming to keep the international community engaged with Ukraine. Proof of this is the attention dedicated by the G7 to the issues of the country's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence," Di Maio added.

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