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Italy, Uzbekistan eye closer cooperation, ties

27 maggio 2020 | 23.14
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Italy and Uzbekistan's "excellent political relations" and their economic ties were the focus of undersecretary Manlio Di Stefano and Uzbek Deputy Foreign Minister Sherzod Asado's phone talks on Wednesday, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Di Stefano and Asado stressed "the complementarity of the economic systems in the two countries" and the "interesting" prospects for Italian companies in Uzebekistan in its industry, agriculture and health sectors, the statement said.

The phone talks also covered international cooperation in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, especially the ongoing trials to find a vaccine that Di Stefano said should be "available at cost prices for the highest number of people", according to the statement.

Bilateral relations will be further strengthened by the planned visit to Italy by Uzbek President Mirziyoyev as well as the second Italy-Central Asia ministerial meeting which could be held in Uzbekistan once the Covid-19 emergency eases, Di Stefano and Asado agreed.

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