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Italy voices support for Sudan, underlines common ties

25 giugno 2020 | 20.55
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Italy wants to strengthen its enduring partnership with Sudan, a country that can play a key role in efforts to stabilise the Horn of Africa and Sahel regions, deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re tweeted on Thursday.

"The support of Italy for the Sudanese transition is coherent with our common stabilization efforts in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel, where Sudan can play a very important stabilising role," Del Re tweeted.

Del Re took part in a European Union Sudan partnership conference hosted by Germany on Thursday, "an important meeting with lots of inspiring contributions" she tweeted.

"Italy stands with Sudan and Sudanese people, and we will work together to enhance our long lasting partnership," Del Re wrote in another tweet.

"Italy and Sudan are bound together by an intense 'people-to-people' dimension built on ancestral and common roots."

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