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Italy wants to become international investment hub

20 aprile 2021 | 18.41
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Italy's Mediterranean location and it links to African countries can make it hub for direct foreign investment, propelling its economic growth and competitiveness, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Tuesday.

"Italy can position itself as an investment hub in the Mediterranean and in Africa," Di Maio told a meeting of Italy's new investment and internationalisation steering committee.

"Our country's geographical position in the centre of the Mediterranean and its political and cultural ties with African countries are certainly among its strongpoints," he said.

Attracting direct foreign investment will propel Italy's economic growth, boost employment, and improve managerial and technological skills that are key to competing in international markets, Di Mao argued.

The Italian government hopes foreign investment will help lift Italy's COVID-19-hit economy out of the worst recession since World War II.

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