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Domenica 13 Giugno 2021
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Italy welcomes Biden's certification by US Congress

07 gennaio 2021 | 12.47
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday hailed the United States Congress's certification of president-elect Joe Biden's victory, tweeting that Italy is eager to work with the new administration "in support of democracy".

"Congrats to President-elect Joe Biden following the US Congress certification of election results," Di Maio tweeted.

"We look forward to working with the new Administration and we stand together in support of democracy. US can count on Italy as a solid ally and strategic partner."

The US Congress in a late-night session certified Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election, hours after Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in an attack that saw four people die.

The certification clears the way for Biden to be sworn in on 20 January. In response, Trump pledged an orderly transition of power.

Earlier, Trump addressed supporters at a rally outside the White House and encouraged them to protest the election result.

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