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Italy welcomes Israel-Hamas ceasefire

21 maggio 2021 | 16.13
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Photo: AFP

Italy hailed the truce between Israel and militants from Gaza's ruling Islamist movement Hamas that began early on Friday, halting 11 days of deadly attacks that have killed over 240 people, the vast majority of them Palestinians

"Italy welcomes the ceasefire in Israel and Gaza and urges all sides to consolidate it," foreign minister Luigi Di Maio tweeted.

"A return to a path of dialogue and meaningful negotiations is the only way to break the cycle of violence," the tweet continued.

"Italy supports all efforts to bring durable peace and security in the region," the tweet added.

World leaders have welcomed the Egypt-brokered ceasefire and have vowed to help rebuild Gaza, after Israel's bombing campaign which Palestinian health officials say killed 232 people, including 65 children. Twelve people have been killed in Israel to date including two children, according to the country's authorities.

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