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Martedì 21 Settembre 2021
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Italy's 103,400 COVID-19 victims cannot be forgotten - Di Maio

18 marzo 2021 | 13.49
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In one of the most haunting images of Italy's COVID-19 epidemic, an army convoy transports Coronavirus victims' coffins in the northern city of Bergamo in late March 2020 because its cemeteries and crematoriums were all full.Photo: ©Sergio Agazzi

The 103,432 people killed by Italy's dramatic Coronavirus outbreak over the past year can never be forgotten and the death-toll is set to rise "in the coming hours," Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio tweeted on Thursday.

"103,432. The number of (Italy's) COVID-19 victims and it's destined to increase in the coming hours," read the tweet.

"Today, with the national remembrance day, we honour the memory of those Italians killed by the virus. Pain, sadness, suffering. Impossible to cancel or forget," the tweet added.

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