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Italy's €300m for COVAX shows resolve to fight pandemic - Sereni

21 maggio 2021 | 23.50
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Italy's donation of an extra 300 million euros to the COVAX vaccine sharing programme, shows its commitment to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni tweeted on Friday.

"At the Global Health Summit, (Italy's premier Mario) Draghi announced another 300 million euros for COVAX," read the tweet.

"In this way, the country is taking forward its commitment to fight the pandemic across the world. No one is safe until everyone is safe," ended the tweet.

At Friday's Global Health Summit in Rome, Group of 20 leaders and big drug makers vowed to do more to bridge the disparities among countries fighting COVID-19 and to boost the flow of badly-needed vaccines to poorer regions.

In their concluding Rome Declaration, the G20 leaders called for voluntary licensing and technology transfers to boost vaccine production. The EU also pledged a billion euros to build vaccination manufacturing hubs in Africa.

The summit was co-hosted by current G20 president Italy and the European Union Commission.

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