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Italy's ex-envoy to Pakistan made top Nato representative in Afghanistan

04 maggio 2020 | 19.51
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Italy's former ambassador to Pakistan, Stefano Pontecorvo, has been appointed Nato's senior civil representative in Afghanistan, secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg announced Monday on Twitter.

Pontecorvo will replace British diplomat Nicholas Kay and takes up his post on 1 June, Stoltenberg tweeted.

"His knowledge of the region will be key to preserve the progress achieved in Afghanistan, a country with a long history of friendship with Italy," read the tweet.

Pontecorvo "brings a long-standing diplomatic experience including on Afghanistan and the broad regional context," Stoltenberg wrote in a note posted with the tweet.

"I thank Italy for its continued commitment to strengthening the Afghan security forces so that they can create the conditions for a sustainable peace," the note continued.

"NATO Allies and our partner countries remain firmly committed to Afghanistan's long-term security, which is important for our own security," the note underlined."

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