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Italy's parliament speaker to address Russian lawmakers

01 marzo 2019 | 12.35
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Italy's lower house of parliament speaker Roberto Fico will on Monday make an historic speech at the Russian parliament (Duma) during a two-day visit to the Russian capital, the parliament said in a statement.

It will be the first time that an Italian parliament speaker addresses a plenary session of the Duma, according to the statement.

Also on Monday, Fico will attend the inauguration of an exhibition at the Schusev Museum of Architecture showcasing the work of Italian designer Mario Bellinio and the opening ceremony of the 16th session of the Italy-Russia interparliamentary commission.

Besides Fico, the Italian parliamentary delegation includes foreign affairs committee chairwoman Marta Grande and Italian MPs Pino Cabras, Dimitri Coin, Andrea Romano and Deborah Bergamini, said the statement.

The two-day visit by Fico and the parliamentary delegation ends on Tuesday.

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