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Italy's president urges 'faith in ourselves'

07 marzo 2016 | 16.15
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Italy possesses "incredible resources" and its citizens must have faith in themselves, head of state Sergio Mattarella said on Monday.

"A year as Italy's president has strengthened my conviction that Italy possesses incredible resources that constitute a bridge to the future," he said in an address on Italian Quality Day.

"We must have faith in ourselves," he said.

Italy's exit from recession has taken place amid a new industrial revolution that is transforming production, Mattarella said.

"Going forward, the power of technology and the digital age will continue to offer new opportunities and to affect the behaviour, aspirations and organisation of society and of the market."

Companies and institutions must join forces to re-launch competitiveness, Mattarella told Italian officials, business and cultural representatives who promote Italy around the world.

"We need a new model of economic development based on major capital investments but also investments in expertise, in people," Mattarella added.

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