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Join Aquark, Creator of InverPad® Pool Heat Pump

12 maggio 2021 | 11.01
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FOSHAN, China, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Pad Inverter Creator, Aquark has now decided to scale up its distribution network by looking for global partners, which serves for catapulting the rise of the inverter pool heat pump industry and provides end-users with a perfect four-season swimming solution.

To adapt to the rapid market growth and seize the opportunity, visit Website - https://www.aquark.com.cn/ties. For further business development, Aquark provides each of its partners with advanced expertise support regarding products, technology, service, marketing and professionalism. It gives an impetus to the rise of global partnerships. Adhering to the principles of best user experience and mutual benefit, Aquark has reached 80+ partners over different countries and regions, including Klereo, Sibo Fluidra and AquaChem.

Why choose Aquark:1)The 1st global pool heat pump manufacturer to create pad inverter, powered by InverPad® Technology with 7 patents. Aquark's R&D team with 20+ years of experience will keep tech-innovation for inverter pool heat pump.2)50,000+ InverPad® pool heat pumps have been exported in 2020, which leads to a new trend in pool heat pump market. 3)The mission of Aquark is to create the highest value for global partners & pool industry.

Imbued with vitality and innovation, Aquark is focusing on implanting inverter pool heat pumps with silence and lower energy consumptions. Aquark brand awareness thrives in its InverPad® pool heat pump, which is conducive to creating business opportunities for its dealers.

What you have been looking for in InverPad® Tech? The InverPad® pool heat pump was the one and only inverter pool heater with a pad design at its debut in 2017. Distributed to over 50 countries and regions, the InverPad® pool heat pump has been widely adopted in various swimming pools around the world. With a low sound output down to 40db(A) at 1 meter and a high COP up to 16, the InverPad® pool heat pump has been a hit on the global market. What's even more exciting is that the upcoming iteration of InverPad® Tech is about ready to be deployed.

By expanding strategic cooperation, Aquark will work with its partners to bring swimming pool heat pump to a whole new level.

About AquarkAquark, the Pad Inverter creator, is a professional inverter pool heat pump manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Founded around the innovative spirit, Aquark creates super silent and energy-efficient inverter pool heating solutions for global users.  

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