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Domenica 14 Agosto 2022
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Jolywood Solar Niwa series module steals the Genera show as distributed solar product

16 giugno 2022 | 10.01
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MADRID, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Genera 2022 - Energy and Environment Fair, one of the largest commercial platforms for the clean energy industry, was held on June 14-16th . Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the event was crowded with manufacturers showcasing their latest products. 

As the leader of TOPCon technology, Jolywood Solar brought its Niwa series distributed modules and high power modules to show the advanced n-type technology and intelligent solutions to the world, which caught the eye of the experts and visitors from all over the world.

Jolywood Solar demonstrated n-type TOPCon modules at the exhibition, which is JW-HD108 (Niwa Series), JW-HD144N, and JW-HD132N, equipped with 182mm and 210mm wafer, respectively. It integrates the advantages of high efficiency, high power, low degradation and high reliability, and adopts 80±5% bifaciality and -0.31%/ W temperature coefficient.

With keen insight and through a lot of research, Jolywood Solar introduced different products to cater to different market demand. JW-HD108 is the latest family member of the Niwa series, which boasts a glass-glass bifacial structure and all- black aesthetic design to deliver a 22% efficiency and power output of 425W. This "huge energy, tiny body" module targets the distributed market which is used for C&I and residential rooftop. JW-HD144N and JW-HD132N produce with 182mm and 210mm respectively, which boasts a higher output of around 700W. The modules are born for large scale power plants, with additional power generation gain while high reliability, enabling the module to perform well in extreme climate conditions especially in desert areas.

The distributed solar market has boomed in recent years. Jolywood Solar has been at the forefront of the industry and produced Niwa series to meet the demand of the distributed market through constant technological innovation, strict quality control, and bringing sunshine into the home. Spain is one of the largest solar markets in Europe with huge potential. Jolywood Solar has provided Niwa series modules to thousands of families and will continue to work on it to benefit all humankind with clean energy.

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