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Judging being finalised for "Design for Sustainable Cities" student competition by BE OPEN and Cumulus in support of UN SDGs

25 marzo 2021 | 09.01
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LONDON, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The final judging session will be held in the 'Design for Sustainable Cities' international student competition held by BE OPEN and Cumulus in support of SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The session will define the winners of two competition prized out of four: the main prize of €5,000 and the Safe City prize of €2,000.

The international jury panel features designers, architects, academics and experts in the relevant fields whose work has a particular focus on researching non-conventional design approaches to the problems of humanity.

In the judging process guided by Chair of the Jury Luisa Collina, PhD, Full Professor of Design At Politecnico di Milano, each juror has been evaluating the projects by giving each project a score between 1 to 10. This general score is a sum of points given for such competition criteria as viability, feasibility and desirability of the design, evidence of a rigorous research process informing the design solution proposed, and its creative value.

Successful projects would therefore answer to the needs and aspirations of its intended audience, have a clear plan of what is needed for its realisation, be sustainable and efficient, very well researched in terms of the problem to be solved, the stakeholders and purpose, and most certainly be innovative and out of the box.

All the scores will help systematise the projects into a general ranking, from which the jurors will select 50 honorable mentions that will afterwards be featured in an online gallery in the competition website. The shortlist of top 10 will be selected out of the honorary mentions, and from this shortlist the jury will award the main prize of €5,000 and the Safe City prize of €2,000.

The awardees of two more prizes will be defined in the course of April by the Founder of BE OPEN Elena Baturina (Founder's Choice prize of €3,000) and an open online vote among the 50 honourable mentions (the Public Vote prize of €2,000) that will be held in April 2021 in the competition website.

The objective of the competition is to recognize and promote top design projects developed by the younger creative generation that are able to tackle the tasks set by the United Nations' SDG Programme; to produce new ideas with the potential for true impact.



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