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Kosovo, KFOR mission have Italy's full backing- Di Maio

30 dicembre 2020 | 16.30
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Kosovo and its Nato-led KFOR peacekeeping force has Italy's "full support", foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said during a visit to the country on Wednesday.

"Full support reaffirmed for the KFOR mission, which remains crucial for the security and stability of Kosovo and the Balkan region," the foreign ministry tweeted after Di Maio met Italian general Franco Federici during a visit to KFOR's headquarters.

During his visit, Di Maio also held talks with his Kosovan counterpart Meliza Haradinaj "underlining Italy's backing for Kosovo and the fight against the novel Coronavirus," according to an earlier tweet.

"Great meeting with Luigi Di Maio, continuing to deepen our excellent bilateral relations. Discussed COVID-19 and vaccine access," Haradinaj tweeted.

"Military cooperation with Italy is of strategic importance to Kosovo and we stand strongly committed to enhance it," the tweet went on.

"Agreed to strengthen support for Kosovo youth," the tweet added.

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