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Lawmakers to quiz govt on Covid-19 health crisis

05 maggio 2020 | 19.16
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Italy's lower house of parliament's foreign affairs committee will on Wednesday question foreign ministry officials on "issues relating to the ministry and the Covid-19 health emergency," the parliament said in a statement

The hearing will take place at 3 pm and will be broadcast live on the parliament's website, the statement added.

Also on Wednesday, the European political affairs committee will at 2pm hold a hearing on Covid-19 and "issues concerning the European political affairs department of the Italian prime minister's office," the parliament said in a separate statement.

The European political affairs committee hearing will also be broadcast live on the parliament's website according to the statement.

A total 29,315 people have died from Covid-19 since Italy's dramatic coronavirus began earlier this year - the second highest death-toll after the United States. A further 11,600 deaths in Italy are unaccounted for and are likely to have been caused by Covid-19 either directly or indirectly, the national statistics office said on Monday.

At least 213,013 people have been infected by the Covid-19 virus - the third highest the third highest global tally behind the US and Spain.

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