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Lawyer 'shoots client dead after a row'

31 marzo 2017 | 12.32
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A 47-year-old lawyer was arrested after he allegedly shot dead his 45-year-old client at a legal practice in the southern Italian town of Oria after a row late on Thursday.

Fortunato Calo is in jail facing murder charges after he allegedly fired several bullets at Arnaldo Carluccio before asking other lawyers to call police, according to local daily La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.

Police and paramedics found Carluccio's lifeless body lying on the floor in a pool of blood when they arrived at the legal practice, the paper said.

Calo did not resist arrest and handed police the suspected murder weapon - a 9x21 calibre pistol - the paper reported.

The cause of the argument that allegedly led to Carluccio's killing, who has a police record for petty crime, was not immediately clear, investigators said.

Police were due to question Calo's colleagues at the legal practice.

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