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League party finished if court seizes its funds says senior official

31 agosto 2018 | 19.53
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Italy's far-right League party will disappear "next week" if a court confiscates its assets to partially offset almost 49 million euros of public money ordered to be repaid by the party due to embezzlement charges against its former top officials, its deputy secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti told Il Fatto Quoditiano on Friday.

An appeals court in the northwest Italian city of Genova is due to rule on the seizure of the League party funds on 5 September.

Italy's Court of Cassation ruled in July that authorities should seize funds from the League party "wherever they are".

The Court of Cassation decision upheld an appeal by prosecutors to reverse a successful appeal by League leader and interior minister Matteo Salvini against the 'blanket' seizure of party funds.

The money should be impounded from sources including bank accounts and deposits, the Court of Cassation said.

Former League leader Umberto Bossi, his son Renzo and ex-party treasurer Francesco Belsito were in July last year found guilty by a lower court of stealing hundreds of thousands of euros of public funding from 2008-2010, and the League was ordered to repay close to 49 million euros of state financing that it had received.

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