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League's meeting with conservative allies 'went pretty well' says Giorgetti

30 novembre 2018 | 17.09
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A meeting in Milan between the far-right League party and its conservative allies the Forza Italia party of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi and the Brothers of Italy "went pretty well", cabinet undersecretary Giancarlo Giorgetti said on Friday.

Giorgetti replaced League leader Matteo Salvini at the meeting to discuss tactics for elections due next year in several Italian regions after Salvini abrupted pulled out, reportedly drawing the ire of Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni.

Salvini decided not to attend the meeting to avoid provoking Luigi Di Maio, head of the League's coalition partner the populist Five-Star Movement, centre-right parliamentary sources told Adnkronos.

Salvini had asked his allies to keep the meeting secret but it was leaked to the press, which was said to have severely irritated Salvini.

"He did not want (news of the meeting) to fuel malicious interpretations of his attendance that could be used against Di Maio," said the sources.

The meeting came at a critical time when cracks in the League-Five-Star coalition have emerged on several issues and as Italy is locked in a standoff with the European Commission over its free-spending budget, which the government may put to a parliamentary confidence vote next week.

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