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Libyan parliament must convene on 8 March - Di Maio

05 marzo 2021 | 17.10
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It is vital that war-torn Libya’s eastern-based parliament goes ahead with a special session on Monday to discuss holding a vote of confidence on an interim unified government, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said Friday.

"It is very important that the (Tobruk-based) House of Representatives convenes as planned on 8 March to vote confidence in a Libyan national unity government," Di Maio said.

The minister was speaking to reporters in Rome at a joint press conference after talks with his French counterpart Yves LeDrian, at which Libya was high on the agenda.

The interim unified government selected last month through United Nations-mediated inter-Libyan dialogue is due to steer the country to national elections on 24 December.

The polls should be held "on a date decided by Libyans" and on condition that there is "full implementation" of a ceasefire accord signed by Libya's warring factions on 23 October last year, Di Maio said.

"This includes the complete withdrawal of foreign fighters and mercenaries from Libyan soil...the start of a national reconciliation process...and measures to tackle the country's grave social and economic crisis," Di Maio underlined.

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