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Libya's PM, Italy's envoy focus on bilateral ties, peace

16 marzo 2020 | 16.56
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Talks between Libya's premier Fayez al-Sarraj and Italy's ambassador Giuseppe Buccino in Tripoli on Monday centred on the "friendly" relations between their countries and a United Nations resolution urging an end to Libya's civil war, the UN-backed government said on Facebook.

During the talks, Buccino "renewed his country's support for Libya's Government of National Accord, underlining the need to implement the UN Security Council's Resolution 2510," said the Facebook post.

Serraj updated Buccino on the latest developments in Libya during the meeting, describing Italy as a "friend" of Libya's.

Resolution 2510, passed in mid-February, calls for "the cessation of hostilities" between Libya's warring sides, the protection of civilians in the conflict and the enforcement of a much-violated arms embargo against Libya.

The resolution followed an international conference in Libya held in the German capital, Berlin, on 19 January.

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