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L'Orange Bleue supports companies seeking to do business with the Government of Quebec (Canada)

15 giugno 2020 | 16.17
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L'Orange bleue is offering its expertise to businesses that want to sell their services, products or technologies to the Government of Quebec

QUEBEC CITY, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Governments across the globe are now engaged in a never-ending search for medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 crisis within their borders. It's the same for the Government of Quebec, a province in Canada. Given the current situation, L'Orange bleue affaires publiques inc. would like to lend its expertise to businesses that want to participate in the province's public procurement process.

Quebec's health and social services network operates as a fully standalone entity that covers an impressive array of activities, with considerable resources and autonomy. The Government of Quebec buys goods and services totalling more than $5 billion annually. Quebec buys more than 40,000 unique products per year for its health and social services network alone.

"This crisis we're living is unprecedented. All levels of government are trying to get their hands on all kinds of supplies," said Mathieu Santerre, President of L'Orange bleue affaires publiques. "The Government of Quebec is looking for a lot of services, products and technologies that aren't available in the province, so non-Quebec businesses have an opportunity to take part in this fight against COVID-19. If you think your company is in a position to provide the Government of Quebec, we can help you tap into this new market."

The procurement process for the health and social services network in Quebec may seem complicated when you look at it from the outside. However, L'Orange bleue has amassed an impressive amount of expertise working in this area over the years. L'Orange bleue is the go-to partner for any business that wants to gain access to Government of Quebec contracts.

To learn about all the services L'Orange bleue affaires publiques offers, visit http://www.lorangebleue.biz/

L'Orange bleue affaires publiques inc.L'Orange bleue affaires publiques inc. is a Quebec-based public relations firm whose mission is to set the standard for meticulousness, boldness, and integrity in its governmental and media relations and the public relations advice it gives its clients.

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