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Luxembourg gives WFP's emergency telecoms operation in Libya €500,000

10 luglio 2019 | 18.21
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A 500,000 euro grant from Luxembourg will help fund a new radio site in Benghazi aimed at improving humanitarian access to eastern Libya, the United Nations World Food Programme said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Having reliable telecommunications is really where it all starts. This contribution from Luxembourg gives a significant boost to our efforts to connect partners on the ground and to amplify the voices of crisis-affected people across the country,” said WFP Country Director and Representative in Libya Samer AbdelJaber.

“One of WFP’s priorities in Libya is to provide core services that enables humanitarian and development agencies to serve people better and address their needs,” AbdelJaber said.

“Luxembourg is looking forward to further strengthening its long-standing partnership with WFP, a leading organisation in the areas of technology and innovation,” said Paulette Lenert, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action.

WFP is providing emergency telecommunications in war-torn Libya through the humanitarian community’s Emergency Telecommunications Sector and will use part of Luxembourg's grant for the new Benghazi radio site, according to the statement.

“The challenging environment in Libya illustrates the crucial role of emergency communication technologies in responding to humanitarian crises and enabling other services to reach the most vulnerable populations,” Lenert added.

WFP Libya launched a two-year interim plan in Marcdh to assist 147,000 people in need. Along with emergency and regular food assistance throughout Libya, WFP is working on new initiatives to support vulnerable families.

The measures the strengthening of social safety nets; livelihood activities aimed at giving special help to women and youth; and launching a school feeding programme in partnership with the Libyan Ministry of Education, said the agency.

WFP co-leads the Food Security Sector in Libya, as well as leading the Emergency Telecommunications Sector, the Logistics Sector, and manages the UN Humanitarian Air Service.

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