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Mattarella urges dialogue with all sides in Libya

21 gennaio 2020 | 16.30
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Photo: AFP

Italy still supports the internationally recognised government in Tripoli but backs "dialogue with all sides" mediated by the United Nations, Mattarella told Thani Qatar's emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani during talks in Doha on Tuesday, said diplomats at the Italian embassy in Qatar.

"It is not admissible to take power in Libya by military force," Mattarella said during his meeting with Thani, the diplomats said.

The international community needs "greater insight" to resolve Libya's current crisis sparked by eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar's offensive in Tripoi and recent blockade of the country's oil facilities, Mattarella said.

Mattarella said he and Thani spoke extensively about international flashpoints including the situation in Libya and the conclusions of the summit held Sunday in Berlin on the war-torn country, the diplomats noted.

"The truce (agreed between Libya's warring sides) should be truly effective and permanent, in order to form the basis for an inclusive political process to unify and stabilise the country, led by the UN," Mattarella said, according to the diplomats.

At Sunday's conference, western powers agreed to respect a much-violated UN embargo and stop supplying arms to Libya during a truce agreed earlier this month between its warring factions.

Italy has extensive interests in oil-rich Libya - its former colony - and is eager to wield greater influence and to play a prominent role in stabilising the war-wracked country.

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