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Med-Or foundation 'a worthy initiative' says Egyptian journalist

21 luglio 2021 | 21.21
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The Leonardo group is an important business partner for Egypt, which is striving to develop its defence and high-tech sectors, journalist Mahdi El Nemr said after the inauguration of the group's Med-Or foundation headquarters in Rome.

"I know the Leonardo group, it is an important partner to Egypt" and what led to the creation of the Med-Or Foundation, chaired by Marco Minniti, is "a worthy initiative", El Nemr told Adnkronos International news agency.

The foundation's goal is to promote cultural activities, research and scientific training across Italy and the countries of the larger Mediterranean area.

"For a large company like Leonardo, Egypt and the Mediterranean area are a natural market", El Nemr said.

Italy is "a reference point for our country, which is making great efforts to develop sectors such as its defense industry and advanced technology," El Nemr underlined.

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