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Mercoledì 22 Settembre 2021
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Med-Or foundation president Minniti: 'A platform that serves the country system'

21 luglio 2021 | 20.07
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"Being a platform at the service of the country system". This is the objective of the Med-Or foundation, owned by the Leonardo group, as underlined by president Marco Minniti at the inauguration of its headquarters in Rome.

"Our foundation is particularly oriented towards strong cooperation in education", Minniti stressed in his speech, recalling the recent signing of a collaboration accord between Med-Or, Luiss and the Mohammed VI University of Rabat.

"In September, the first Moroccan boys and girls will attend an undergraduate course at Luiss with scholarships from Leonardo Med-Or". "This is a model, others will follow", Minniti added.

Young people who come to Italy for study purposes intend to return to their home countries, said Minniti - a former interior minister.

"We have no intention of 'draining' away brains. Together, our objective is to help train those countries' ruling classes of tomorrow," Minniti said.

"Med-Or - he added – takes in to consideration all the ideas of our country. We have our ideas and are passionate about defending them, but we know that dialogue is always essential and even more so in the Mediterranean, in Africa and in the East".

The inauguration took place late on Tuesday and was attended by Luciano Carta and Alessandro Profumo, respectively president and CEO of Leonardo, by foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, interior minister Luciana Lamorgese, defence minister Lorenzo Guerini, labour minister Andrea Orlando and minister for the South and territorial cohesion, Mara Carfagna.

Among others, the president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, the head of Italy's intelligence services (DIS), Elisabetta Belloni, former cabinet undersecretary Gianni Letta, and Fincantieri president Giampiero Massolo were also present at the inauguration. They were also joined by the Qatari ambassador to Rome, and by Italian politicians Adolfo Urso, Piero Fassino and Roberta Pinotti as well as representatives from the media and law enforcement.

A strategic committee has been set up within the foundation containing top management of the Leonardo Group, representatives from the prime minister's office and from the foreign, interior, defence, finance and economic development ministries, noted Minniti.

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