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Med-Or Leonardo Foundation appoints scientific committee

22 ottobre 2021 | 15.23
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Marco Minniti

At a meeting of its board of directors, the Med-Or Leonardo Foundation appointed the members of its scientific committee and approved a provisional 2021 budget, the foundation said on Friday in a statement.

“From now on, Med-Or will rely on the support of a top level scientific committee, composed of distinguished representatives of the academic world and area experts, at both national and international level," said Med-Or president Marco Minniti.

"This is in line with Med-Or mission to strengthen cooperation with the academic and research world and to consolidate relations with foreign universities and cultural institutions,” Minniti added.

The statement came after Minniti chaired a meeting of Med-Or's board of directors on Wednesday at its headquarters in Rome that also approved the foundation's activity plan for the coming months.

The Med-Or Foundation's scientific committee will contain 39 members, including 18 Rectors from some of the most prestigious Italian universities as well as professors and experts that work in areas of interest for the Foundation, according to the statement.

With the contribution of scientific committee members, Med-Or intends to develop and pursue a constant partnership with the Italian academic, cultural and scientific world, but also to extend its international reach and to encourage new initiatives involving countries in the wider Mediterranean area, the statement said.

The Med-Or Foundation's mission commits it to promoting academic and research collaboration, as well as a range of cultural activities, with the aim of fostering cooperation, dialogue and international partnerships.

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