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Meet eTOLLs - Revolutionary App for Driving Safely and Planning Trips Across the EU

16 marzo 2023 | 09.46
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KYIV, Ukraine, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ukrainian developers who earlier launched Shtrafy UA platform for safe driving and fine payments, created a new tolling app for those who travel across Europe. Unlike usual vignette marketplaces, this service provides users with the opportunity to enhance their driving skills while planning their entire route and receiving toll information.

eTOLLs EU stands out from similar apps in these key ways:

Denys Dmytrov, the main ideator and co-founder of the app, aims to create an entirely new culture of buying vignettes. Similar to buying plane or train tickets, the process of planning trips and paying for road use will be quick and straightforward.

New features will be introduced on the edge of Q2-Q3 of 2023:

Grant Dayan, the co-founder of eTOLLs EU, believes that except for becoming the premier service for European travelers, the app will be fulfilling an important social mission. An advanced motivation system based on big data from our other product, which will be soon introduced, is aimed at improving road safety throughout the European Union.

The developers' team is set to cooperate with European governments to explore new ideas and digitize more services for drivers. With the world already embracing seamless communication between drivers and government, society, and road services, there is much to be gained from this partnership.To learn more about how it works and why it's convenient, get the app and try it out.

Press contact:Tina Podmazinapr@etolls.eu

View original content:https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/meet-etolls--revolutionary-app-for-driving-safely-and-planning-trips-across-the-eu-301773173.html

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