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Lunedì 27 Marzo 2023
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Meloni 'closely monitoring' devastating Turkey, Syria earthquakes

06 febbraio 2023 | 15.30
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Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni is "closely monitoring" the situation in southern Turkey and northern Iraq, after a 7.8 magnitude quake struck the region early on Monday, killing over 1,900 people and injuring thousands, which was followed by a second, 7.5 magnitude tremor.

"I am closely monitoring, updated by @DPCgov, the developments of the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey, on the border with Syria," Meloni tweeted.

"I express my solidarity with the people affected. The Italian civil protection (department) has already provided availability to contribute to first aid," the tweet added.

Millions of people across Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel felt the earthquake, which injured thousands was the worst to hit Turkey since 1999.

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