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Merlo calls for dialogue in violence-hit Bolivia

04 novembre 2019 | 19.25
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Italy's foreign undersecretary Ricardo Merlo urged dialogue to prevent further violence in Bolivia, where unrest and clashes between police and protesters occurred after disputed presidential polls last month, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"Italy appreciates the invitation addressed by the Bolivian government to the Organization of American States to undertake a new mission to audit the election results," said Merlo according to the statement.

"It asks that the mission, currently underway, be given the broadest possible access to all data and that it be ensured full collaboration in order to dispel any doubts about the credibility of the electoral process."

"It is essential that both the government and the opposition respect the outcome of the mission and the indications it will offer," Merlo stated.

Merlo on Monday held talks at the foreign ministry with Bolivia's foreign minister Carmen Almendras.

Italy has also provided a financial contribution in support of this new audit mission, whose members include includes an Italian citizenship expert, the statement said.

Bolivian opposition leaders have allege fraud in the 20 October vote that returned leftist president Evo Morales to power and have demanded fresh elections.

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