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Migration, EU enlargement at centre of Tajani, Radman talks

17 marzo 2023 | 15.21
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Photo: AFP

Stemming migration, and the European integration of the western Balkans were the focus of talks in Zagreb on Friday between Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani and his Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlić Radman.

"#Zagreb - a real pleasures to meet Croatia's foreign minister @grlicradman," Tajani tweeted.

"Priorities: the fight against illegal immigration, enlarging the EU to the western Balkans," the tweet added.

The tweet also highlighted the Expo2030 trade fair taking place in Rome, calling it "an opportunity for the whole of Europe".

Besides signalling Italy's strong support for integrating the western Balkans within the EU and boosting cooperation on migration, Tajani's visit to Croatia and Slovenia on Friday also sought to bolster economic ties.

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