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Minister lauds Gentiloni's appointment as EU economy tsar

10 settembre 2019 | 15.04
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Enzo Amendola - FOTOGRAMMA

Paolo Gentiloni is the "right person at the right moment" for the European Union economic commissioner portfolio, European affairs minister Enzo Amendola said Tuesday, calling his appointment "an honour for Italy".

"Best wishes to Paolo Gentiloni in this highly responsible role. The right person at the right moment," Amendola tweeted.

"For Italy it is an honour to be assigned the economic affairs commissioner. It is important and prestigious. It means the country is back as a leader in Europe."

Italian premier Giuseppe Conte's new coalition government between the pro-European Democratic Party (PD) and the grassroots 5-Star Movement is widely expected to smooth ties with Brussels, respecting the bloc's fiscal rules and softening its stance on migration.

Amendola and Gentiloni are both members of the PD, which ruled Italy from 2013 to 2018.

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