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Minister thanks nations for solidarity with Italy

03 aprile 2020 | 20.51
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Friday thanked states around the globe that have been sending "crucial" medical supplies to coronavirus-hit Italy in a key sign of international solidarity.

"In recent days we have seen how important solidarity is at the international level," Di Maio wrote in a Facebook post.

"The aid that is arriving in Italy from abroad is crucial for our hospitals. Let's not stop thanking all the governments that in this delicate situation for helping the Italian people," the post stated.

Italy remains the country worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a total of 14,681 deaths. The overall number of cases in Italy, including the deceased and those who have recovered, is now 119,827, according to the civil protection agency.

The emergency has strained the country's health service to breaking point, forcing the foreign ministry to seek protective gear for hospital staff and ventilators from other countries around the world.

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