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Missing Italian Angelo Zen 'not found' among Kahramanmaras hotel victims

16 febbraio 2023 | 13.27
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Italian businessman Angelo Zen

Rescuers are still searching for Italian businessman Angelo Zen after he was not been found under the rubble of a hotel in the quake-hit Turkish city of Kahramanmaras where he was believed to be staying, foreign minister Antonio Tajani stated on Thursday.

"Angelo Zen was not identified among the victims removed from the rubble of the hotel in which he is believed to have been a guest," Tajani told reporters at the foreign ministry after phone talks with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu.

"There is an Italian team that is currently searching for him, but we don't currently have any news," Tajani said.

Sixty-year-old Zen, who is from the northeast Veneto region, is the only Italian still unaccounted for since the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that devastated Kahramanmaras on 6 February.

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