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Missing Italian woman died in Brussels attacks

25 marzo 2016 | 19.58
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Italian citizen Patricia Rizzo died in the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the the foreign ministry confirmed on Friday, offering condolences to her family.

"Italy's embassy in Brussels has received confirmation from the Belgian authorities that they have identified the corpse of our compatriot Patricia Rizzo, who died in the attack at Maelbeek on 22 March," the ministry stated.

"The Italian foreign ministry offers solidarity to family members and expresses its deepest condolences," the ministry said.

The family of Rizzo,48, an official at the European Commission had been looking for her since Tuesday's deadly attacks.

Married with a son, Rizzo lived in Belgium but her family is from Sicily, Italian daily Corriere della Sera daily reported.

The suicide bombings at Maelbeek underground station in Brussels and at the city's international airport killed over 30 people and injured 300, 61 of them critically. The attacks were claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

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