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Moroccan 'stabs wife to death' in northern Italy

10 ottobre 2017 | 11.08
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A 46-year-old Moroccan man has confessed to knifing his 42-year-old wife to death at their apartment in the northern Italian city of Asti late Monday during a row.

Neighbours called emergency services after hearing loud screams coming from the couple's flat, where police broke down the door and found the fatally injured Moroccan woman lying on the balcony in a pool of blood.

The housewife had been stabbed in the chest and abdomen with a kitchen knife and died at the scene shortly before paramedics arrived, police said.

The Moroccan had fled from the couple's second-floor apartment but later turned himself in at a local police station.

Police arrested the man, who faces charges of murdering his wife.

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