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Mercoledì 30 Novembre 2022
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MPs to quiz Bombardiere on Lebanon crisis

12 gennaio 2022 | 18.54
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Grain silos destroyed by the devastating 4 August 2020 blast at Beirut's port. FOTOGRAMMA

The lower house of parliament's foreign affairs committee was set to question Italy's ambassador on crisis-hit Lebanon, Nicoletta Bombardiere, via video link on Thursday, according to a statement.

The hearing is slated for 2pm local time and will be live-streamed on the parliament's website, the statement said.

The World Bank has described Lebanon’s economic crisis as one of the world’s worst since the 1850s, and it has reduced 80% of the population to poverty. The crisis began in 2019 and is rooted in decades of graft and mismanagement by Lebanon's political class.

Lebanon’s foreign minister Abdallah Bouhabib said on Wednesday he hopes the government will strike an economic reforms deal with the IMF by the end of February, a move that could release billions of dollars of investments.

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