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MPs to quiz Italian researchers on Regeni killing

11 maggio 2020 | 16.40
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Photos of slain Italian researcher Giulio Regeni

Lawmakers probing PhD student Giulio Regeni's brutal unsolved murder in Egypt in 2016 will on Wednesday question researchers from the Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO), the parliament said in a statement on Monday.

The committee hearing will take place at 1pm local time at Palazzo San Macuto in central Rome and will be streamed live from the lower house of parliament's website, the statement said.

Widespread suspicions that Egyptian security forces were responsible for Regeni's disappearance and murder were reinforced in 2018 when Italian prosecutors named five officials as suspects.

Italian prosecutors have accused Egyptian officials of deliberately trying to mislead the investigation into the death of Regeni, whose badly tortured body was found along the Cairo-Alexandria highway in early February 2016, nine days after he vanished in the capital.

The Egyptian government vehemently denies the involvement of Egypt's security services in Regeni's killing and has vowed to solve the high-profile case, which sparked a diplomatic rift with Italy.

At the time of his disappearance, 28-year-old Regeni was researching the politically sensitive topic of independent trade unions in Egypt.

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