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Neon Announces the Launch of Developer Friendly, Multi-Cloud, Fully-Managed Postgres

15 giugno 2022 | 15.01
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SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Neon, Inc., today announced the Technical Preview release of its cloud-native, fully managed Postgres at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress and Prisma Day in Berlin. Launching out of an invite-only Limited Preview, Neon's free tier offering is now available for everyone. Neon's innovative architecture maximizes the modern developer's efficiency and experience while minimizing cost.

The Hacker News community upvoted Neon as the number one trending topic on May 28. Neon's one-click start, bottomless storage, and autoscaling capabilities gained traction across the Postgres and wider development community.

"We're committed to our mission of creating an internet run on Postgres and supporting the next generation of developers," said Nikita Shamgunov, CEO of Neon. "Staying connected to the developer community, listening to their needs, and providing the tools to work smarter and faster are the first steps to reaching that goal."

Neon optimizes resources through decoupled storage and compute that automatically scales up for peak activity and down to zero on inactivity. Through a multi-tier cloud architecture, Neon provides bottomless storage and is currently compatible with Amazon S3, with more cloud storage providers to come.

"At scale, using Postgres alone is challenging," said Founders Fund Principal Leigh Marie Braswell. "Neon has built features that would've made my job as a developer easier in the past. The good news is that other developers can now take advantage of what Neon has to offer."

Neon impressed investors early, raising a combined $24 million during Seed and Series A funding rounds. With support from partners, including Prisma, Neon will continue to innovate – with plans to integrate more innovative tools for a new generation of developers. Neon showcases its commitment to open source values through its generous free tier and regular contributions to the DevOps community. With a robust feature roadmap, Neon looks forward to empowering developers to build with Postgres.

About Neon

Neon is a cloud-native, fully managed Postgres as a service backed by an impressive list of top-tier investors, including Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, and Founders Fund. By separating storage from compute, Neon offers autoscaling, one-click start, multi-cloud compatibility, and bottomless storage to give developers a simple, reliable, and powerful experience. With a generous free tier, developers can quickly start and efficiently scale at will. Learn more at neon.tech.


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