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New Industry Coming To Trona

02 dicembre 2020 | 06.43
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TRONA, Calif., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PVL Limestone, Inc., owner of PVL Lime, is excited to announce that San Bernardino County has approved its plans to construct a state-of-the-art clean and efficient lime plant at Trona, California.  The plant will employ over thirty people from the Trona area and will represent an economic boost to the local economy.

Lime is a critical commercial material used in many agricultural, building, metallurgical, environmental processes and more.  Low environmental emissions and safety to the community and its employees were paramount design considerations resulting in a plant that will be among the cleanest full-sized lime plants in the world.  High quality lime will be produced by converting limestone from the operating PVL Limestone quarry into lime, which will be distributed to customers in California and potentially nearby markets.

PVL Limestone, Inc. is also pleased to announce it will be entering the bright white limestone markets in Southern California.  With development of its Helder Wit deposit it will provide one of the highest quality available sources of this product with over 100 years of supply.

For additional information about the PVL Lime project, please contact: 

Larry TrowsdalePVL Limestone, Inc.Tel:  760-384-8172Email:  Larry.Trowsdale@pvllime.com


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