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Lunedì 29 Novembre 2021
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No cooperation with Taliban if human rights violated says Di Maio

10 settembre 2021 | 13.04
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Nations cannot collaborate with the Taliban if they are violent, flout women's rights and harm journalists, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Friday.

''There can be no cooperation with the Afghan authorities if they commit acts of violence and discrimination against women and journalists," Di Maio said.

''We have said we will judge the Taliban by their actions not their words. And the facts are extremely discouraging," Di Mao added, speaking at a book presentation in Rome.

Two Afghanistan journalists covering the women's protests in Kabul were detained and severely beaten by Taliban security forces on Tuesday, rights monitor Human Rights Watch reported.

Taliban have broken up women's rights protests in Kabul this month by firing shots into the air and using tear gas and tasers, according to witnesses.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August after a lightening offensive that saw its fighters seize a host of other cities, meeting little or no resistance as the US and NATO withdrew their troops.

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