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NTT Resonant's Cloud-based Testing Service "Remote TestKit" Now Available to Improve Testing Environment for iOS App Developers

26 marzo 2015 | 07.01
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TOKYO, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NTT Resonant Inc. has announced that its cloud-based remote testing service, Remote TestKit (1) (https://appkitbox.com/en/testkit), now updates support for Xcode (2) (an IDE developed by Apple) for iOS app developers. It also has some other helpful features, including Google account syncing.

(Photo: http://prw.kyodonews.jp/opn/release/201503258858/)

1. About Xcode Support

A feature has been added that will allow developers to use Xcode to connect to the iOS devices (e.g. iPhones and iPads) that Remote TestKit offers. This allows developers to use Remote TestKit to develop, test, and debug even more effectively than before.

By connecting with Xcode, you can...

2. Google Account Backup/Restore Feature

For security purposes, each device has all of its data wiped between sessions. This means that users need to set up their Google account at the start of every new session, but this feature will streamline that process. Together with the device backup/restore feature we rolled out in an earlier update, we hope that this will make testing easier and more convenient for our users.

3. Simultaneous Execution on Multiple Devices

A feature has been added that will allow users to perform an action on multiple devices at the same time. This includes actions like installing an app, starting up the browser and navigating to a specified URL, or rotating the screen. As an example, this feature could be used to easily and quickly check to see if a website displays differently on two different smartphones.


1. Remote TestKit (https://appkitbox.com/en/testkit/) is a service for testing mobile apps and websites on the cloud. Users can test on over 300 of our cloud smartphones and tablets without buying the devices themselves. The service also includes a number of other useful features, like automated tests, intended to make testing easier for everyone.

2. Xcode is an IDE produced by Apple for the purpose of developing iOS apps. With Xcode, you can edit source code files, manage project files, and write programs that will run on OS X and iOS.

3. The Web Inspector is a sort of command center for the web developer, providing a wide variety of development tools through the web.

*The names of the companies, services, and products mentioned in this press release are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Contact: (Ms.) Yuko Tateishi, (Ms.) Ayano SawadaNTT Resonant Inc. Tel: +81-3-6703-6250 pr@nttr.co.jp

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