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Ouhai is Now Open Up for Talents at Home and Overseas; Live Streaming to take place on April 12

11 aprile 2020 | 10.52
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WENZHOU, China, April 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At 8:30pm, Beijing Time, April 12 (7:30am, US EDT, April 12), Ouhai District, Wenzhou, China, is about to open up for talents from all over the world, handing in with 7 universities, 23 institutes, and all enterprises here. The District welcomes talents of high levels from overseas to select Ouhai and settle down in Ouhai!

Ouhai District now releases two modes of settlement for talents:

The first mode is talent settlement, which plans to grant talents admitted to any university or enterprise in Ouhai District an individual reward of up to 5 million Yuan, in line with their levels, while these talents will enjoy serial talent security policies allowing them to work, live, settle down, and purchase houses here and ensuring their children to obtain an education.

The second mode involves project settlement. A. Projects settled down via the "Longji Cup" Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be granted an "Entrepreneurship Coupon" of up to 6 million Yuan and project development aid and supports.B. "The Most Valuable Investment Projects in Ouhai District, 2020" coming out on top through the "capital-attracted talents" channel will be granted a fund support of up to 2 million Yuan. C. Projects settled down via the "Leading Talents Special Science and Technology Projects" channel will be granted a project development fund of up to 12 million Yuan.

In China, Ouhai District is hailed as a Top 100 District in Comprehensive Strength, a Top 100 Green Development District, a Top 100 Science and Technology Innovative District, a Top 100 Quality District in Novel Urbanization, the Home of locksets in China, and also the gathering place of universities south of Zhejiang Province."The Oriental Home of Jews" -- Ouhai, Wenzhou, was selected in 2018 as a national-class demonstration district of independent innovation in China; In 2019, it upgraded into the main position of Greater Luoshan Mountain-surrounding corridor of scientific innovations in Zhejiang Province.

Talents of high levels from overseas are allowed to register one or multiple talent attraction projects.

Registration Link:http://www.sinopress.net/?p=1020

Please subscribe the live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms at 7:30 a.m. US EDT, April 12.

Livestream Website:



Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1154078/Ouhai.jpg


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